One of the best things I have done for myself was to walk into the Yoga At the Lake studio. I have taken yoga classes in the past but have not seen any great benefits. I started taking classes over a year ago and am amazed at how much I have benefited. For several years I have lived with chronic pain in several joints. After only a few classes I noticed improvements and now I rarely feel pain. I have gained so much strength as well as flexibility. What makes this studio so special is Janelle’s commitment to continually offer new classes. I took advantage of the nutrition consultation offered by Nikki Henriksen. For a few years I have struggled to keep my cholesterol level at a healthy number. Nikki was so easy to talk with and she had great suggestions that were easy to follow. I did not have to make major changes to my diet or try a lot of new things. And it worked! I had my first good report from my doctor. As an added bonus, when I went to my favourite store for new clothes I bought a size smaller.
I just came back from an awesome but very grueling trip that lasted over 3 weeks. It involved walking, hiking, climbing and bike riding. I believe the only way I was able to keep up the pace was because of Janelle’s and Nikki’s great teachings. We are very fortunate to have dedicated people working in our community.
— Arlene Jackson
Yoga at the Lake has been a blessing for our rural community. It has been my goal for many years to find a place to practice yoga consistently. Thanks to Janelle’s studio, I am able to get to three classes a week without long drives. Since starting regular practices late last summer, I feel stronger and more flexible. The tightness in my chest is gone when I inhale deeply. I feel that I approach stressful situations with a calmer mind now. I appreciate Janelle’s teaching style, challenging us to improve and still making it ok to go slow if we need to. I feel really welcome when I walk in the door, like I am visiting a group of friends. I look forward to every class, knowing I will leave with a lovely sense of well-being. For me, Yoga at the Lake has been a life changer, and I am truly grateful to Janelle for sharing her talent with us.
— Sylvia M
My wife knew I was having some back issues. After working as a dentist for 30 years, my profession has taken its toll on my posture and, as a result, I had been experiencing discomfort in my lower back. Sylvia really thought that if I started practicing yoga it would really help me out. And that’s exactly what I’ve found to be the case. I have been going to Janelle’s classes since last summer. Since that time I have found that the discomfort I had been experiencing has subsided. Even if I’ve had a long day and feel stiff, by the end of the class I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world! I’ve also found that when I am attending classes on a more regular basis, I experience much less discomfort and more flexibility. In fact, my massage therapist has commented on the positive change she’s noticed in my posture and the decrease in muscle tension.
— Tim M
I have been practicing yoga with Janelle for about 2 1/2 years. Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a teen. I have taken classes but mostly practiced on my own. I used yoga primarily for relaxation and less for building strength. But Janelle’s classes are different. I feel strong and energized after an hour practice, always pushing to my edge and feeling good because of it. During the past several months I have had to drop back from 2-3 classes per week to 1 class due to scheduling conflicts. Although my strength continues to improve, the week between my practices is just too long. I notice that my body takes longer to adjust to poses as my muscles and joints feel less supple. When I attend twice a week or more the practices flow better and my joints don’t ache so much. Thank goodness I am able to increase my practices to twice a week again. What a difference it makes!
— Janine W
I feel years younger since I started practicing yoga and I have been able to challenge many of my preconceived beliefs about aging.
— Anne