Finalized Spring Schedule: Fitness Fusion for Beginners, Yoga for Beginners & Yoga for Sleep on Fridays! Reiki Sessions are also available now!

Hello everyone!
What an incredible winter of events and classes! So many people came to warm up the studio with their incredible energy. We heard so many stories of love and strength shared through vulnerability. The door of learning and letting go was opened by some amazing facilitators and all of you who had the courage to share. Thank you. I will be forever grateful for having been a part of it.

Thank you to Dawn for sharing all of your love and stories of struggle with depression, suicide and loss and how you have lifted yourself up through it all, and continue to do so, with such grace.

Thank you Denise for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of the beautiful earth suit we call home and what we can do to keep it moving and healthy all the years of our lives.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your love of yin yoga and yoga nidra, what a blissful practice you teach!

Thank you to Jackie for sharing your knowledge around nutrition and giving us tools to decrease stress on our bodies simply by what we are eating.

Thank you to Jasmin who is always a lovely open energy for students as they come into the studio. I know she always supports people to feel at home on their yoga mat. We are fortunate to have her at the studio on a regular basis.

And a thank you to other local instructors for being a part of events! Melanie from Gemini Massage Therapies & Carmon from Pure Awareness Yoga! 

I hope to meet you on the mat soon!
xo yoga at the lake team

Spring Session! March 3 to May 4 2019

New Classes (please register)
Yoga for Beginners: Fridays @ 12:15pm
Join us as we break down poses to help you learn and FEEL correct alignment in your unique body that will ensure long term stability, strength and safety for your joints and muscles. This class will help you develop healthy muscle memory so that when you are in poses, your body will have the opportunity to move toward strength, activation and balance effort with ease! You will be able to take what you learn and apply it to movements off of the yoga mat as well!

Fitness Fusion for Beginners: Fridays @ 11am
This class will encompass resistance training and exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness and core strength. You will learn to lift free weights correctly! Multi movement exercises will also be offered for a full body workout! Modifications can be given if needed.

Massage Therapy Balls & Yoga for Sleep: Fridays @ 5:15pm
This class uses therapy balls that provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy by using specially designed high grip rubber massage balls and focused movement routines to help penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage deeply into your high tension areas. 

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation & Sleep  (included in the 515pm class!)
Receive deep rest and restoration in this extremely healing practice.Yoga Nidra has been referred to as sleep yoga and it has been said that 30 minutes of it is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. You will be guided as you rest, allowing your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation. The brain switches from beta to alpha waves, signalling the transition from activity to rest. The practice can be used to calm the nervous system decreasing stress on the entire body. And if you have trouble sleeping, this can support your body to move into deeper rest. 
We have extra props for you to use but you are welcome to bring your own blanket, eye pillow and whatever else you need for support.

Weight Training & Yoga Flow for Strength COMBO on Tuesday @ 530pm & 6:15pm!
Enjoy 30 minutes of weight training and then continue to build strength with an active flow class! Rinse it all out with some soothing stretching and relaxation at the end of class.
If you come to both classes you get a deal of $25 for 2! If you already have a yoga pass, drop in for weights is only $10!

Even though this challenge has started you are welcome to start your very own 30 day challenge within this one! We can still do measurements for you and the strength and flexibility testing. And there will be prizes as well!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. “ Maya Angelou

Spring Self Care Transformation Challenge

Participate in as many yoga and fitness classes as you can between March 3 and May 4. 

Notice the transformation that can happen with consistency. Choose a specific goal for yourself. Increased strength. Improved flexibility. Improved cardiovascular fitness. Better balance. Moving without pain. 

The great thing about everything mentioned above is if you commit to one of them, the rest can also benefit and improve!

The challenge includes:

A 9 week unlimited challenger pass for $375 for both fitness and yoga classes

Goal setting along with before & after measurements

Before & after strength & flexibility testing

Challenger Celebration where we will hand out prizes for the top 3 with the highest attendance! You will get a a choice of either a massage, 2 aroma bracelets with essential oils or a yoga 6 pass!