Whoville Trees, Sip of Art, Yoga & Snowshoeing, Holiday Season Party with Pop Up Shop, Essential Oil Basics & Bracelet Making, Steeped Tea Party

Steeped Tea Online Tea Party! 
For those of you who wish to warm up your winter & order tea or buy some gifts, here is the online link! I will have it all shipped to me and then bring it out to the studio! This tea party closes this Saturday!



What a great turn out for Jackie's Naturopathic Medicine Information Session. Thank you to everyone who joined us!
Thank you Jackie for sharing your knowledge & expertise. It is such a great experience to have a naturopathic doctor to work with & to receive such loving support. Someone who looks at the whole picture, takes a holistic approach to healing and works with the medical model to support overall health. Thank you :)
For those of you who would like to connect with Jackie, you can send her an email at jackie.yurko@me.com.

WINTER SESSION SCHEDULE: November 5 2017 -January 13 2018

To see all the classes & special events running, please see the finalized schedule & special events list below. If any of the events or the schedule are difficult to read, please head to the website: www.yogaatthelake.ca or the facebook page: yoga at the lake studio at Pigeon Lake

Remembrance Day Schedule: 
On Saturday November 11, the 9am & 1015am classes will be running. In both classes we will finish with sharing a moment of silence together.
Kids Yoga will also be running.

Holiday Season Schedule is also on the winter schedule. 
Last class before Christmas is December 23
The studio is closed from December 24 to January 1
The regular schedule resumes Tuesday January 2

Lots of freedom & convenience! How our passes work:

  • If you decide on a session pass, it will cover you through the entire session.
  • You can switch it up every week if you want to try out or need a different class.
  • If you miss a class one week, you can make it up within the session. 
  • Of course, we also have our punch pass or drop in options for those with unknown schedules!
  • If you sign up later in the session, we can prorate a pass for you!
  • Some of our classes are pre-registered/drop in so you can let us know you are coming or just drop in!
  • Some of our classes are pre-registered only so we need to know ahead of time if you are coming as this helps us to determine whether a class will run or not.
  • Combo Classes! Double up your yoga classes on Thursdays or Saturdays! Some love to take part in a more active class and then bliss out with yin yoga. It is also a great option for those who have a long drive. This way, you can get 2 totally different classes in on one trip and save money/class. Cost for 2 yoga classes back to back for the 9 week session: $252. This pass can be prorated for those signing up later in the session!


Join us for some fun this fall & winter! Please pre-register! 
Space is limited for the events. Please see below for details.
Head to our facebook page or eventbrite if you wish to reserve your spot and pay by credit card. 
You can also reserve a spot by registering at the studio and pay by cash, cheque or email transfer.


Our last painting party of "Fall Magic"!

Sip of Art Winter Theme Painting Party
Sunday November 19 @ 1-3pm
Cost: $45
Margot will guide you through a 2 hour session in a lovely & relaxed setting. This is a great afternoon to have some fun & make some great memories with friends and family! 

For more information on the instructor, Margot, check outwww.margotsoltice.ca.
All supplies are included, light snacks & tea will be provided as well.
To register, please email Janelle at fordjanelle@hotmail.com or text/call 780.604.2909.
Space is limited so please register early!

Join us for the whole day or just one or two of the events! We can price events individually for you!


Serenity & Snow Day Retreat: Yoga, Snowshoeing & Lunch
Saturday December 2

Enjoy the balance of an active yoga flow class to warm you up & then yin yoga to unwind & help access deeper tension in the body. Both classes will get you ready for a short & scenic snowshoe through the pigeon lake ravine!

After a lovely morning of movement, breath & fresh country air, refuel with a healthy lunch at the studio from the Eco Cafe.

Cost: $70 +GST
Snowshoeing only: $30+GST


Yoga for Beginners
New to yoga? Join us for this gentle & slow moving class! Learn safe alignment for your body and how to use the breath to assist you on and off your yoga mat. Variations/modifications will be given where needed to customize your practice to suit you.
Fridays @ 11am
NEW! Pre-registered session only: Sundays @ 12:30pm ( Nov 12 & 26 & Dec 10) $45

Karma/By Donation Yoga with Jasmin on Sundays @ 11:15am (60min)
Sundays Nov 12, 26 & Dec 10

This class is by donation (minimum $10) and proceeds will go to support local charities or businesses that need support. Every month we will donate to a different organization.
Enjoy a yoga practice including sun salutations for building strength & endurance and poses for balance and flexibility to support the health of your joints. This class is designed to rinse and rejuvenate the body and get it ready for the day ahead, giving you more energy throughout the day!


Cardio Fitness Class with Kris on Sundays @ 10am (45min)

This well balanced class combines fun cardio moves with functional exercises designed to keep us mobile in our daily activities. Suitable for all fitness levels.
9 week session: $90
5 Pass: $55
Drop in: $12

Weight Training Class with Jasmin on Tuesdays @ 7:30pm (45min)
This class will teach you basic alignment and correct form for lifting free weights. There will be a different focus each class on working specific muscle groups (back & biceps, legs, etc). 
9 week session: $90
5 Pass: $55
Drop in:$12

TRX Suspension & Strength Training with Jess on Mondays @ 9:15am (60min)
Looking or a fitness class that will challenge you in new ways? You've found it! Utilizing the TRX suspension training system and strength training, you will be challenged with a mixture of cardio and resistance training. This class is suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Low impact options are available for those with injuries and other limitations.
9 week session: $90
5 Pass: $55
Drop in: $12

Family Yoga & Kids Yoga with Janine
These classes will continue October 28, November 11 & 18. Then we will resume the classes in the new year starting Saturday January 13.

Family Yoga: Ages 3-5 @ 11:45am (45min)
(adults can stay & play if they like or come back after class)
Kids Yoga: Ages 6-8 @ 12:45pm (60min)
Kids Yoga: Ages 9-11@ 2pm (60min)

In these classes, children will practice a variety of yoga poses to help them develop strength of mind and body. Weekly classes are thematically based incorporating stories, music and games. 

Blending Bar with Health Canada Approved Essential Oils
Cold Prevention, Supporting Immune Health & Cold Symptom Relief
Create your own natural products using Health Canada approved therapeutic grade essential oils.
The items below are studio favourites! Prevention & protection is key! Help support your immune system!
We supply all the products, essential oils & containers.
You can come in & make your own or I can make them for you!!
Cough No More Roller $15
Sick Be Gone Roller $15
Rest & Recover Roller $15
Allergy Relief Roller $10
Breathe Again Roller $10
Headache Escape $15
Total: $80. You can buy individual rollers OR take advantage of our 6 Pack Special Price: $65
Bring your old container/rollers to refill & get $1off for each one!

Add ons:
Vapourizing Chest Rub (Adult) $15
Soothing Throat Spray $10
Thieves Household Cleaner $5

Retail Therapy!

Check out our new yoga at the lake tanks! 
We also have 3/4 arm length shirts & slouch shirts for the ladies & for the gents we have t-shirts! :)
Tanks: $40
3/4 arm length: $45
Slouch: $45
T-shirts: $35
Hoodies: $65
Light Hoodies: $55
Headbands: $15


Private Yoga, Personal Training & Meditation Sessions
Massage (Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Relaxation), Bio Energy Healing
Individual Meal Planning & Nutritional Support
Registered Holistic Nutritionist Appointments
Naturopathic Doctor Referral
Live Blood Analysis Appointments
Private Aroma Yoga Classes: A blend of yoga poses, essential oils & energy exercises for your body, mind & spirit. 
Essential Oil Events: Host your own Make & Take at the studio with Health Canada approved therapeutic grade essential oils! 

I bend so I don't break. Here is my story of falling down & getting up. Over & over again. And I share this only in the hopes that it may help others...

It all started back in 2013 when I burned out. Yes, surprisingly it happens a lot in the yoga world. Especially when running a business & teaching & not knowing if keeping a business going is the right decision. Sometimes the things we teach are guided by what we have already gone through...with the hopes that sharing our stories of struggle can help prevent others from going through the same darkness.
And sometimes surrender, being still and just listening for the answer is the best thing to do. So that is what I did. My body was sending me messages and I had to listen...

With burnout, the immune system shuts down & blood sugar is out of balance. My heart was beating irregularly. I was so worn down that I developed an inner ear infection that made it impossible to teach. I had to use a wall to hold myself up because of how wavy I was. It would hit me randomly and my heart rate would skyrocket and beat really fast for around 20-30 sec. Then I would feel even more wavy, all while I was teaching which made it worse because I didn't know if I would make it through the class for the students. I felt like I was on a boat rocking back and forth. I ended up being bed ridden for a month. I was in the midst of moving the studio to the location we are in now but I did not know if I should close the studio or not because of how I continued to feel. 

My MD said fluid in your ears clears at 6 weeks so I went to the audiology clinic at that 6 week mark. All was normal. I went to a Vestibular Therapist to make sure my wavy symptoms were not some sort of vertigo. All was normal. I had an MRI & a CT scan done to make sure nothing structurally was going on. All normal. I had a heart ultrasound done which was normal. I was so happy that everything was ok but the unknown symptoms were still there so this was also a worry. I went to other forms of treatment. I went to a chiropractor that verbally attacked me to the point where I just broke down. She told me I could heal myself and that there was nothing wrong with me. And that I should close down my business.
I absolutely believe in the power of the mind on the body. If I can cause myself anxiety with the way I think and elevate my body systems... I know I can do the opposite and do my own healing and send that healing into my body with my mind. I know our cells respond to our thoughts and my brain is more powerful than I give it credit for..but the way she handled herself that day was horrible...and especially coming from someone who is supposed to be a "healer". I felt she shamed me for trying to find a solution. Hey, I am ok with a little tough love...especially if I am continuing to complain about something but not making any changes to do something about it. But when I am dealing with months of debilitating symptoms & exhausting all efforts to find help and I am put down for it...that is when I say goodbye. After that experience, I ended up finding a chiropractor that supported my path to healing.

My symptoms went on for 4 years. One thing I have learned is I have to be an advocate for my own health. I have to make the system work for me. It wasn't easy to stand up for myself when I felt so awful. But I couldn't just take what the medical system was telling me..that all was normal, when I still felt so terrible. Thank goodness I had an MD who worked with my Naturopathic Doctor. This support of medical and natural approaches working together needs to happen more. I think patients would be navigated so much better because the 2 systems are working together. And dealing not just with symptom relief but finding the underlying CAUSE of a health issue. There is a place for both systems and both can help. I feel they would be stronger together.

Throughout all of this I was saved by other instructors who taught for me so I could keep the studio going. I was supported by the students in every possible way. And my mom, Jonathan my partner, & my friends & family helped me keep the studio going. But I had to ask myself the question again, do I keep the studio open? Are the hard times just before some relief? I come back to the word SIMPLIFY. And also LOVE. And to hear all the love and support before and after classes brings tears to my eyes and has been all the reassurance I need. I love seeing the bonds & friendships created! That the studio has become a solid ground, a sanctuary of support for those struggling with so many things. And also, there is celebrating together. JOY! The giggles and laughs we have together lift my heart. And what a team we have! A beautiful group of ladies here to support one another and the students. 

Just this last winter, I had another message that something still wasn't balanced. I was just about to head out to the lake & before I packed up the car, I ended up with weakness in both my arms so I called Jon and he took me to emergency. I thought, am I having a heart attack? At emergency, all was normal, yet again.
So I booked an appointment with my ND. She has been with me & supported me through so many years and I first met her when I had to get 5 thyroid needle biopsies back in 2010. I have been a bit of a puzzle to my endocrinologist because I have a multi-nodule goitre yet all my thyroid levels are "normal" in the lab results. He said I didn't t need to follow up for 5 years. So I took a copy of my lab results to my ND (and what a relief to have someone look over ALL my numbers WITH me and know how to determine if something was off). My TSH was .67 which is considered "within the normal range" BUT I was still having wired tired feelings, needing tons of rest & was still wavy and now the weakness. Even though I eat well & A LOT!..I needed Vit D & iron (Vit D can really influence mood & through our winter months we never get enough of it & it's something that is needed DAILY). Food isn't as nutrient dense as it used to be so supplementing is so important for me. And it was so interesting to also have a live blood analysis done because it showed that I had low iron as my cells weren't glowing (like they are supposed to when you have enough iron). After being on my liquid iron supplement for 6 weeks, I had another live blood analysis done and my cells were glowing! So cool to see your cells up close. So alive. So beautiful!

We are what we eat so our bodies reflect and are made up of what we put into it...so as far as lifestyle changes, my ND suggested getting off coffee (which is a fake stimulation for my metabolism) so I did it! I have decaf now. I thought there would be no way I could have NO coffee seeing as I started having it back in university! But by going off it, I realized it was the flavour not the caffeine that I liked. And I still get a little boost from the decaf but it is so much easier on my thyroid & blood sugar. My ND also got me on a thyroid support. And within 3 weeks my TSH went from .67 to .99 and my waves dissipated (when your TSH starts to go down, it means you are getting close to being hyperthyroid). One of my books called Thyroid Balance has a chapter in it about how lab results can be normal but a person can still be feeling off so that helped me to not feel so alone on my journey to find a solution. 

I am the one living in my body so I KNOW when I am still not feeling well. My yoga practice became a crucial part of my healing through this whole process. I used stillness and movement as my medicine. My practice changed to suit what my body needed. I went from 12 years of practicing mostly in the heat to restorative & yin yoga and active practices but out of the heat because that is what my nervous system needed. Now that I am feeling better, I do go to warm practices when my body calls for it. I just listen to what my body needs, moment to moment. When I was sick, sometimes a practice would consist of a couple poses and then savasana. Now, I check in daily to see what my body needs. Yin yoga today. Warm flow maybe tomorrow but I stay in the moment & decide. Yoga has helped me listen clearly to the honest communication my body gives me.

Please know if you are going through struggles that you don't have to go through it alone. And please know that with yoga, it is about consistently moving your body in intentional ways & with full awareness of every move that can help support your healing. Movement as medicine. Movement as a way to rinse trauma out of our bodies. Every day is different. Every practice is different. Preventative maintenance of our health is so much easier than having the alternative. The amount of time it takes to recover. The amount of struggle & suffering. And sometimes we don't ever fully recover. So I take time every day to give back to my earth suit that takes such great care of me. It deserves attention & love.

A great analogy is how we take care of our vehicles. Maintenance of our cars is necessary so they don't break down. If we leave our vehicles for too long, things don't work as efficiently. Same goes for our body. So that is why I bend now. I move now. So I can take care of the precious gift that has been given to me. 

Sometimes the only way we make it through things is by being vulnerable enough to share our stories & to reach out and let others help us up when we have fallen down. In vulnerability, there is so much strength & beauty. And you just never know whose life you will impact. How your story may change or even save a life.

So if you reach out & you need support, I will be here. We will be here for you.
Love & light,
Janelle xo