Yay 2017! Build Strength. Improve Mobility. Decrease Stress. Yoga for Beginners, Meditation, Kids Yoga and more.


Finalized Schedule Changes:
Monday class at 9:30am will not be running.

We will be adding:
Yoga Flow Class on Sundays at 10am (60min):
Yoga Flow combines breath and movement to create a continuous flow from posture to posture to strengthen and stretch the body. Suitable for active beginners.

Sunset Yoga Flow on Tuesdays @ 6:15pm will be running!
This class will enliven every cell of your body and reset it after a long work day. Come and release tension, detoxify and rinse the body with some flow! Then take some time to calm the body & mind with some gentle stretching to unwind and help with a restful nights sleep.

Saturday Classes:
Saturday 9am class has been changed to a Moksha Yoga with Groovy Tunes Class. This class will be a warm class to assist you in cleansing the body and warming you up during our winter season.  And will have some fun playlists to enjoy as you move & breathe!
Please note this is a warm class not hot!
Saturday 10:15am Yin Yoga will have an added benefit of warmth and also essential oils. The essential oils will be added to assist you in specific poses, emotionally & physically.

Winter Session Schedule

Pre-registered & Drop-in Classes:
Yoga for Beginners
Yoga Flow
Moksha Yoga
Yoga for Strength & Flexibility
Happy Hour Yoga & Therapy Balls
Restorative Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief
Kids Yoga (Ages 3-5)
Introduction to Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation & Rest (Yoga Nidra)
Sip of Art
Watercolour Workshop For Beginners
Getting Started with Mandalas
New Year Detox Aroma Yoga

Class Pre-Registration vs Drop in

Our studio has been running more like a city studio with the option of dropping in. This is easier for the city studios because they have more people coming. Because we are a rural studio, our classes are smaller so it really helps us if people pre-register. We still offer drop in but for those of you who know which classes you would like to come to, please let us know. It really helps us so we know if we have enough people to run the class, especially if other teachers are coming to teach. It is helpful to have a general idea of what classes people need. Also, if you know ahead of time what classes you may be missing in a session, we can prorate your pass for you.

When you commit to your own yoga schedule, it can be helpful to get you to your mat because you have already committed to yourself, to your yoga practice, to your health. And consistency is where you will see changes in your practice!

Winter Session Pricing
January 3-March 4 2017

Buy your pass before December 30 & receive $5 off!
(not including drop in)

Session Passes
1/week: $135
2/week: $255
3/week: $365
4/week: $475

(Please note that the above passes are flexible. They can be pro rated if you start later in the session and the pass doesn't restrict you to the same class. You can switch it up as much as you like!)

Punch Passes
6 Pass $90
12 Pass $177
(Please note that the punch passes expire 2 months from date of purchase)

 Drop in: $16

The studio accepts cash, cheque and email transfer.

New Classes (Pre-registered & Drop in)

Happy Hour Yoga & Therapy Balls

Get your yoga on at the end of the day to clear out the body and mind from the stress of the week. We will combine some basic yoga poses to reset the body and twist out the tension from sitting for long periods, work on core strength to support the spine and improve posture. We will also use therapy balls to get deeper into muscle and connective tissue tension. After class, enjoy a bevie of your choice and some light appies from the lovely Eco Cafe. This class will be a great opportunity to just hang out and chill. This will be a fun class!
Thursdays @ 6:15pm
Cost: $135 or $130 if you register before December 30.

Kids Yoga with Janine!
Busy Little Bees (Aged 3 - 5 years)

Tuesdays @ 2pm (60min)
Pre-registered: 9 weeks starting January 3: $126
Children will practice a variety of yoga poses, to help them develop strength of mind and body. Weekly classes are thematically based incorporating stories, music and games.

Detox Aroma Yoga

Rinse! Cleanse! Clear! Start the new year off right! Enjoy a cleansing detox aroma yoga class after the holidays. This class combines essential oils, energy exercises and yoga poses that are all specific to assisting with digestion and clearing the body of unwanted emotional energy. The essential oils are a powerful component in assisting the body to heal & to let go of anything that is not serving you.
Saturday January 6 @ 12:15pm
Cost: $20 includes the class and oils

Yoga for Beginners

New to yoga? Please join us for this beginner class! Learn safe alignment for your body and how to use the breath to assist you on and off your yoga mat. Variations/modifications will be given where needed to customize your practice to suit you.
9 weeks, January 6-March 3: Fridays @ 12pm
Investment: $135 or $130 if you register before December 23.
Please pre-register as we need at least 6 people to run this class.

Introduction to Meditation/Mindfulness with Gwen

This class will cover why meditation is such a crucial part of your holistic health regime. There will be a short discussion covering different topics each week. Topics include the basics of mediation/mindfulness, types of meditation, benefits of meditation, neuroscience and what happens to your brain when meditating, cultivating a daily practice, yoga nidra and more. We will then settle into a short guided meditation after each discussion.
9 weeks: Wednesdays @ 11am (30min) OR Fridays@ 11am (30min)
Investment: $100 or $90 if you register before December 30.

Guided Meditation with Gwen

This short session will guide you through a meditation. Each week the meditation will be different so you will experience the variety of guided meditations that are available. It will be right after yin yoga so you have an option to stay and add little more bliss to your Saturday morning!
Saturdays @ 11:45am (15min)
Investment: $5 drop in or $36 for for all meditations if registered before December 30.

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation & Rest with Gwen

Unwind your nervous system. This type of meditation is also called Yoga Nidra. Also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, Yoga Nidra is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. We live in a chronically exhausted, overstimulated world. Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs.
Friday January 6 & 13 @ 6:30pm
Cost: $10 or $16 for both classes if you register before December 30.

Soul Sisters Studio Support Group
Bookclub, Dreamboarding, Mala Making, Movie Nights & more

This group will be a way for us to connect and support one another and have a ladies night out! We will meet once a month and do something fun! Please share any ideas you would like to see happen and please pre-register.
January gathering: Friday January 27 @ 6:30pm: Bookclub: Book TBA at time of registration
February gathering: Friday February 24 @ 6:30pm: Dreamboarding
Cost will vary and will cover supplies for each evening! Please bring your own bevie of choice and favourite appie!

Restorative Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Fridays at 5:15pm
The intention of this class is to provide an open and safe space for students to let go of tension and cultivate peace and balance. Poses will be held for longer periods of time to allow the nervous system to thoroughly unwind. There will be use of essential oils that are specifically chosen for their calming, grounding & stress-relieving properties. The human body was not designed to handle being in a state of fight or flight constantly. In order to help the body and mind optimally deal with the challenges of daily life, it is crucial that we cultivate stillness and silence to switch into the parasympathetic nervous system which can give your body time to rest and your mind the space to unwind and let go.
Cost: $135 or $130 before December 30.

Art Classes with Margot

Getting Started With Mandalas

This four week class will cover how to build a mandala from the very beginning. In response to feedback, there will be more time and more instruction. We'll start with the basics: using various drawing and painting materials, learn about what mandalas are about, learn how to draw them using simple tools, learn how to build your own design, step by step, and finally, paint your design on canvas.
Mandalas are a beautiful tool to explore the whole self.
Sundays: January 15, 22, 29 and February 5
$110 (all materials included)

Watercolour Workshop for Beginners

This 5 hour workshop is for people who want to reacquaint themselves with, and for those who have never tried this delightful art form; watercolour painting.  Basic skills taught: brush stroke techniques, how to use materials and tools, colour mixing and various tricks and tips.
A list of supplies needed will be provided upon registration. A starter kit can be made available upon request. Cost for starter kit $50. All other materials supplied.
There is a minimum # of students to run the class, so please tell 2 friends so we can run this for you in our local community!
Sunday February 12
Optional: bring a favourite snack to share for a short break!

Other Classes with Margot

Sip of Art: Saturday January 21 @ 1pm
Painting to be posted soon!!


  • Private Yoga. Meditation & Personal Training Sessions
  • Massage (Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Relaxation), Raindrop Therapy, Bio Energy Healing
  • Aroma Yoga Classes: A blend of yoga poses, essential oils & energy exercises for your body, mind & spirit.
  • Essential Oil Events: Host your own Make & Take at the studio with Health Canada approved therapeutic grade essential oils! To begin your essential oil journey, click here .