New October class: Thursday 8am moksha yoga 60min (warm room)

October Schedule Updates
60minute moksha yoga @ 8am
(warm room)
Please pre register!

Starting next week, Thursday October 1, we will be running a moksha yoga 60min class from 8-9am on Thursdays in October. Come and warm up your fall mornings! The room will be slightly warmer (not hot). If you get your sweat on and have to head to work right after class, you are always welcome to use the showers available at the studio!

Cost: 5 Thursdays $74. Pre register you and a friend & it is $69 for each of you! This class is also accessible to all challengers and current pass holders.

This class has been requested so I'm hoping it works out for those who can't make the current classes. If there is enough interest we will continue to run it through November & December. 

Meet you on the mat!