About Janelle...

I began my yoga journey in 2002. It started as a form of exercise and has now become a very healing component to my health & well-being. It also helps me to see the world from different perspectives and with a huge amount of compassion.

I have realized that sometimes our health takes us on a ride and forces us to look deeper, to change and can totally bring us to our knees in order to get us to see the direction of our path that we were meant to go down. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an auto immune disease and the most common form of hypothyroidism) and knew I had to implement something that would help with healing on a daily basis. Yoga has complimented my other fitness activities and keeps me more mobile and more energetic. I just saw an endocrinologist this last year (2014)  and I don't have Hashimotos anymore which I attribute to taking care of myself, on and off the yoga mat. There is so much more to yoga than just the postures. What residual effect do I want to leave in my body? In my nervous system? With such busy lives, we need time to bring peace into our breath, our body and our mind. And to be reminded that just as we are right now, we are beautiful. We are whole. And yoga can help us to see that a little more clearly.

I graduated from the University of Alberta specializing in Active Living, Health and Well-being, which lead me into working in private health clubs as a personal trainer.  I also worked as a conditioning coach and athletic trainer with different lacrosse teams in Edmonton and was part of different teams winning a variety of medals throughout the 4 years I worked with them. 

I was also part of the management team at the Moksha Yoga Edmonton South community in Edmonton and managed another yoga studio for 3.5 years before going to my Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.  I have also completed a Restorative Yoga training with Judith Hanson Lasater: Using Restorative Yoga for Anxiety, Anger and Depression.  I have completed a 50 hr Yin Yoga Training (Level 1& 2) with Joe Barnett. I have also completed a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training. And I have a 40 hour Aroma Yoga Training from Tracy Griffiths in California which combines essential oils with yoga poses and energy exercises. 

My dream has been to create a space for healing & play in a more intimate, quiet setting out in the country. The Pigeon Lake area is the community I grew up in and my intention is to help increase the health and well-being of it and to help create a community of support and connection. I also have a deep love for the lake & hope that the compassionate & reverent ripple the yoga community makes transfers out toward taking care of one of the most beautiful lakes in Alberta. 

I love to ask the question, why am I here? I believe everyone has a life's purpose, a calling. I feel it is my role to support people on this path as well. I feel life is too short to not enjoy what you do! And if everyone followed that and lived every day looking forward to the day of not work, but play- I believe the energy of the world in its entirety would be happier and more peaceful. If we don't follow our bliss, we may miss the people that are right now, waiting for us.

About Jasmin...

I began practicing yoga in 2013. Being self conscious and shy I started taking private lessons before working up to joining a class a few months later. I started noticing changes physically in my body but it was the changes mentally that I was not expecting. It made me realize I wanted to help others so in 2015 I took my personal training certification. I eventually started to push out of my comfort zone and start small group fitness classes. Then in the fall of 2016 I took an even further leap and began my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training. After the second weekend into the course I realized this was the path I wanted to be on and I quit my decade long career as a pharmacy technician to start this new journey.

I started teaching yoga in January 2017 and knew I had found my true calling. Most of my life I was known as the shy,quiet introvert who dreaded gym class and still has a fear of public speaking. Then somehow through teaching yoga I found my voice. To me yoga is not about just showing up on your mat for an hour, but how you show up in the rest of your life after stepping off the mat.

I enjoy teaching active flow classes that push students to their edge. My goal in teaching yoga is also to have students bring their awareness inwards, adding the mindfulness to their physical practice. My hope is to inspire students as much as they inspire me.


About yoga at the lake

The key elements that make up yoga at the lake are:
Inspire, Balance & Connect.

Inspire: it is of utmost importance to create a sanctuary that is a safe place for self-discovery where people feel inspired & supported to grow and learn.

Balance: The vision is to offer many events and activities that will help people develop and maintain their well-being from a holistic & balanced perspective.

Connect: We are all connected & need to support one another in life.  To be surrounded by those who support your being, helps lift people and makes them more aware of how to better take care of themselves. When people discover what makes them come alive, that is where we see shifts. It is so important to help people find their life’s purpose, their calling. And to inspire them on and off the yoga mat.

All parts of the this vision are a part of a bigger vision of developing a strong ripple effect that will ripple out further to increase the quality of life from one person at a time to eventually the entire community, the lake and outward to the entire earth. We wish to assist individuals to create balance in their lives and make yoga a part of their lifestyle and a crucial part of their wellness regime. 

yoga at the lake is a studio for active living and holistic health which offers a variety of activities for your body, mind and spirit all in one convenient location.